Overall Concept


Why might you require workflows to be delivered from Mark Ventures? 


What are the advantages when running workflows on the Skyspoc platform?

How To ...

What is required from you to acquire workflows and get them up and running?


Do you deliver some kind of services towards end-users or customers?

Do they request your services through different channels, such as mail, telephone calls, physical approach? 

Do you have a hard time retreiving the status of specific requests?

Would you like to have a more structured way of delivering those services?

Mark Ventures offers Workflows, which support you structuring the handling of your deliveries.

All Workflows are triggered by an end-user who submits a form to document and describe what is requested. 

Mark Ventures offers a range of workflows which are prepared for instant use in your organization.

The workflows are primarily tailored to address requirements within Service Management.

The overall Design

Running on the Skyspoc Platform

The Skyspoc Platform

The Workflows run on the Skyspoc platform where you retreive your own tenant.

Once your tenant is created, you may create your own workflows or have pre-defined workflows cloned to your tenant.

Skyspoc hosts all kinds of workflows which have been tailored to reflect specific customer requirements.

Tailor-made screens

To make life easier for your staff, you can tailor precisely which fields to be visible at each stage in your workflow. 

No confusion here!

You have total control of your workflow. You may alter stages and teams as you see fit. Changes may become visible very quickly.

Workflows are yours to rule

At each stage in the workflow, your staff will always know what to do next and how to proceed to the next stage in the workflow

Workflow path always visible

How to get your workflow up and running!

The steps below will guide you towards an operational workflow.

Get started

Visit the Skyspoc homepage and "Get Started".

You will get your own tenant with 2 users for free.

Choose your workflows

Contact us and order the workflows that you wish to publish in your tenant.

The workflows will be cloned to your tenant for you to tailor as you see fit.

Calculate number of individual users

What is the size of your teams in terms of individual users  to participate in your workflows as assignees? Calculate the total number before subscribing.

Subscribe your users at Skyspoc

When the subscription has been processed, you will be able to create users i your tenant.

Create teams and populate with users

Create teams which correspond to your workflows. Populate the teams with the appropriate staff.

Create metadata

Your workflow might require one or more lists (for instance a Service List) or you might want the define categories for reporting purposes.

Publish your workflows!

You are up and running!

Remember: All requestors submit requests to your workflows for free!